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Public Administration

Deepview has been involved in public administration since its foundation in 2010. During this time period, Deepview has been involved in many successful projects, particularly as project managers for end customers and as highly regarded quality assurance. Deepview has also been involved with public sector organizations in terms of their strategic direction planning – while considering the latest global trends in eGovernment and IT and keeping in mind the specificities of the Czech environment.

Telecommunications and post services

Deepview provides services focused on the management of complex development projects. Deepview has experience with preparation and planning projects focused on development of financial and business processes, customer services, technological operational applications, etc. The Deepview team has helped clients to form a corporate and business strategy, deploy a mobile virtual network operator, introduce new products and related information systems, and optimize ICT costs.


Deepview focuses on assistance with ICT, sales, and energy distribution. Deepview has experience with projects both in the Czech Republic and in other EU countries. Specifically, with unbundling, ICT optimization, and business process support systems implementation (for vast range of functions across company functions from production to distribution to sale). Within operations outside of the Czech Republic, Deepview has worked on smart metering and complex integration of ERP, GIS, and SCADA systems.


Deepview provides project management services, participates in corporate system deployment, process optimization, and ICT optimization projects.


Deepview has been involved in the implementation of key process support systems, reorganization projects implementations, setting up corporate reporting, and forming an information system development concept.

ICT companies

Deepview has been working for a long time with major international and national IT companies, usually acting as project manager, quality assurance, architect, and process analyst for extensive implementation and integration projects.


Deepview has experience with supporting clients in the process of choosing information systems, analyzing requirements, and organizing tenders. Deepview has also performed technical due diligence services to assess the value of patented technologies.

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