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Process Optimization

We propose changes for the better
Our specialists present the design, management, and support of the introduction of process changes. Thanks to our strong IT competencies, we are also able to translate all changes into your company's information systems.

Our projects bring not only the specific expertise of individual business processes, but also experience from different industries. We are thus able to respect the diversity and uniqueness of each company. In our previous projects focused on cost optimization, we have always achieved a cost reduction of more than ten percent, while company’s processes have continued to perform their functions, and the risks of cost optimization have been minimal.

You will use our service:

  • When you are implementing a new IT project and need assistance with its implementation
  • When the company’s processes become excessively expensive and do not deliver the desired results
  • When you plan to outsource your IT services and need to optimize and analyze the company’s processes

Key parts of our service:

  • Assessing the organization's readiness for implementing the information system
  • The introduction of procedural metrics and controls
  • AS-IS and TO-BE process analysis
  • Business and technology change management
  • The definition of new roles and responsibilities in your company’s structure
  • Preparation of communication and training plans

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