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Implementation support of subsidized projects

We help clients to get funding from grant programs
Our team of specialists prepares documents for obtaining subsidies with all the necessary formalities. We help clients to select a suitable grant program and then ensure complete administration to meet all the set criteria and thus avoiding the reduction or non-payment of the subsidy.

You will use our service:

  • When you are considering investment plans with the possibility of co-financing and you are not sure which subsidy program to use
  • When you are in need of feasibility studies or other documents meeting the prescribed rules for the purposes of drawing subsidies
  • When you want to ensure complete administration of projects funded by European funds

Key parts of our service:

  • Creating project plan according to the rules of the grant provider
  • Creating the support application - the technical and economic part of the application
  • Support for project implementation and administration
  • Ensuring project publicity
  • Sustainability assessment of the project

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