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Financial management support

We increase the performance of financial processes
We transform and optimize financial management processes. We also provide preparation and implementation of financial process outsourcing. The knowledge and long-term experience of our specialists help to improve the performance of your company's financial processes and maintain that performance on a long-term basis.

You will use our services:

  • When you are looking for ways to optimize your company's financial processes, or when you experience inefficiency in such area
  • When you are considering outsourcing some of your existing business activities
  • When you need an out-of-box independent assessment of your strategic financial planning

Key parts of our service:

  • We support the client in designing and implementing systems and tools to manage the cost and profitability of products, processes and customer segments
  • We help integrate strategic planning and budgeting, performance, and reporting management
  • We focus on defining appropriate key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • We assist in the optimization of processes and tools of cash flow management and optimization of the company balance
  • We support the client in the planning and preparation of budgets in operational and investment situations
  • We help the client to evaluate the potential of outsourcing selected activities

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