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Cyber security

We eliminate the risk of losing private information
Our security experts assess the current level of information security and design a solution to minimize existing threats. The proposed solutions are easy to integrate with your existing systems and are well suited to the needs and resources of your organization.

You will use our service:

  • When you need an analysis of your privacy and sensitive information management
  • While implementing a security management system and preparing for certification
  • When reviewing your security policy
  • When undergoing an information security audit.

Key parts of our service:

  • Cyber security level assessment
  • Identification of weaknesses in technology
  • Tools and cooperation to address weakness shortcomings
  • Risk analysis
  • Critical and supporting assets identification
  • Risk management process implementation
  • Establishing a security strategy and a plan to achieve goals
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of internal control mechanisms and integrating cyber-security processes

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