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IT infrastructure strategy

We help clients to set up the right IT infrastructure
We set a strategy for developing IT infrastructure in your company. We put emphasis on meeting the client's needs, future development, and cost-effectiveness during the acquisition, maintenance, and eventual extension of infrastructure.

You will use our service:

  • When you need help designing an appropriate IT infrastructure and its support
  • When you want to expand or upgrade the current IT infrastructure
  • When you do not have a defined infrastructure development concept with respect to future requirements
  • When you are selecting a new IT infrastructure solution and want to conduct market analysis

Key parts of our service:

  • Analysis of the current state of the infrastructure and its maturity
  • Creating a data center security and operation strategy (DC Migration, DC Consolidation, Outsourcing)
  • Analysis of third-party service provision opportunities and support in choosing the right solution - IaaS, PaaS and SaaS
  • Support for choosing a hosting provider and implementing a transition
  • Network infrastructure analysis
  • Strategy for acquiring and maintaining end user stations
  • Operational monitoring to identify appropriate measures for continual improvement

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