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ERP and enterprise applications deployment strategy

We help clients to handle the risks of deploying new information systems
We help our clients to thoroughly plan the deployment of an enterprise information system. Based on years of experience, we can evaluate the benefits and potential risks and assess the overall economic impact of the project.

You will use our service:

  • When you do not use an ERP system and need to implement one
  • When you need to automate various processes of an enterprise information system, such as HR records, cost tracking, and order processing
  • When you are not satisfied with your current ERP solution

Key parts of our service:

  • Feasibility study
  • Enterprise analysis and the current state of IT support for processes analysis
  • Analysis of business requirements for business information system
  • TO-BE design
  • Decision between a standard market available solution or a tailored one
  • Analysis of the currently offered solutions on the market with regard to the suitability for specific conditions of your company
  • Design and selection of appropriate solution variant
  • Design of future development and process optimization

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